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Education in AI, Design and Innovation for professionals

Courses in Machine learning

Machine Learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn and improve automatically through experience and by the use of data.

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Courses in Human-centered design

Designers have to make sure that they understand who the service is for, how it creates value, and how it affects existing workflows and business offerings.

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Courses in Innovation management

The innovation management track covers a range of innovation topics such as new product and service development and business models.

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Deployment schedule

Spring 2024Autumn 2024
Machine learning
Introduction to causal inference Week: 03-11
Machine learning for predictive maintenance Week: 12-22
Explainable AI Week: 12-22
Fundamentals of computer vision with deep learning Week: 12-22
Data-driven healthcare Week: 03-11
Bayesian statistics for machine learning Week:36-44
Smart healthcare with applications Week:

Applied deep learning with PyTorch Week: 36-44
Design of circular AI-based services Week: 12-22
Introduction to human-centered design for AI Week: 03-11
User experience design for AI Week: 12-22
Designing AI Powered Services in Practice Week 12-22
Service design based on data analytics Week:12-22
Design for extended realities Week:45-03
Critical design: Practical ethics for AI Week:45-03
Designing AI Powered Services in Practice Week 45-03
Research methods for human-machine cooperation Week: 36-44
AI and business development Week: 03-22
AI and data strategy Week: 12-22
AI and Innovation Management Week: 03-11
AI and sustainability Week: 12-22
Digital transformation and organisational change Week: 03-11
AI Implementation Week:36-03
Ecosystems and business model innovation Week: 36-03

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“It is important that we, who work with IT architecture, to have knowledge in the area of AI. During the MAISTR programme, we meet one day a month in Halmstad, which is a good arrangement that can easily be integrated with working life.”


”AI is a transforming technology, and industries in many sectors need to step up their competence in this area to maintain competitiveness. This does not mean just the technology side of AI, which traditionally has been the focus of education in Sweden, but also for how services are built on AI.”

– STEFAN BYTTNER, project leader of MAISTR