Innovation management

Why innovation management?

Firms compete by the creation and capture of value. With an increasing access to continuous streams of data, new opportunities become available for AI-oriented innovation and business. AI-oriented innovation influences value creation and capture in terms of what is being innovated (product, service, business model), how firms innovate and which firms profit. The Innovation Management track covers these issues.

What will you learn?

The innovation management track covers a range of innovation topics such as new product development, business models, ecosystems and industrial organization, adoption and diffusion, sustainability, standards and legal aspects, all related to AI. The track is based on blended learning, consisting of recorded lectures, lectures, seminars, and workshops. The track fits you who want to learn how to apply relevant models and frameworks to better understand, spot, and exploit the opportunities and challenges of innovation for and with AI. 

How will this knowledge improve your career?

AI has the potential to change how companies compete, how industries are organized, and how professional work is conducted. Regardless of your current position, you will achieve a broad understanding of how AI affects innovation processes, industrial organization, and competition, being better prepared to manage the challenges this will create, as well as exploiting its opportunities.


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