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Human-centered design​

Why human-centered design?

AI has become a big topic in recent years. However, in order to create valuable and usable AI-powered services, designers have to make sure that they understand who the service is for, how it creates value, and how it affects existing workflows and business offerings. Translating AI technology into real-world socio-technical systems is the domain of human-centered design.

What will you learn?

In this track, we cover design-oriented approaches such as design thinking, service design, user experience design, user research and how to apply and develop these methods and approaches to the realm of AI-powered services. You will learn how to design, prototype, and evaluate adaptivity, agency, and human augmentation. The human-centered approach also covers how to ensure we design ethically and sustainably. There are some labs and practical programming exercises in some of the courses, but this track is aimed towards designers and does not require a programming background.

How will this knowledge improve your career?

The future is personalized, adaptive, sustainable, and AI-powered. In order to create value and innovative solutions, designers need to understand both the possibilities and limitations with a variety of different AI technologies. With the MAISTR program, you will get a solid base to design human-centered services using AI as a new design material.