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Ecosystems and business model innovation

4 credits

Who is this course for?​

This course is directed to innovation and project managers, data scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, and others who are facing an increased focus on data and data analysis in general, and AI in particular, for business and to different types of relations with customers, suppliers, complementors and competitors. The course fits you who want to know how to create or renew your business based on AI in terms of your business model and your ecosystem. Different approaches how to organize a pathway to forming a business model, taking ecosystems considerations into account will be shown.

What will you learn from this course?

You will learn what business models are, their characteristics, and why they are important. In particular, the course will deal with how AI, such as machine learning, changes the nature of successful business models and business model innovations. In the course you will also learn what an ecosystem is, different types of ecosystems, and how ecosystems differ from other inter-firm and inter-organizational relations. You will familiarize yourself with different ways of developing AI-oriented business model and how to analyze relations and positions within an ecosystem.

What is the format for this course?

Instruction type: The course is delivered online and in English. There is one recommended but voluntary discussion session located at the Halmstad campus. The course consists of online lectures and seminars, pre-recorded videos, and reading material.

Frequency: The course consists of three modules, distributed over 10 weeks.

Examination: The exams consists of three written handins and one recorded presentation. The grade is Pass or Fail.

Course responsible:

Magnus Holmén