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Machine learning

Machine Learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn and improve automatically through experience and by the use of data. Here you will discover key concepts in machine learning and learn to identify what techniques are most appropriate for a wide range of problems and applications.

Human-centered design​

AI has become a big topic in recent years. However, in order to create valuable and usable AI-powered services, designers have to make sure that they understand who the service is for, how it creates value, and how it affects existing workflows and business offerings. Translating AI technology into real-world socio-technical systems is the domain of human-centered design.

Innovation management

Firms compete by creating and capturing customer value. With an increasing access to data, AI is becoming increasingly important because it influences innovation in terms of what is being innovated (product, service, business model), how firms innovate and whether they profit. More precisely, AI is a general purpose technology that affects firm internal decision making, innovative outcomes and processes, but also the relations with other companies and organizations. These issues will be treated in the Innovation Management track.